Strategise, Evaluate Designs, Gain User Insight & Experiences of your Products through User Research.


Usability Studies

In Usability Study, we validate the product (full product, prototype, and concept) with real user feedback to uncover challenges faced by users to complete their goals and deliver a good user experience. The Study can be in-person or remote.


Usability studies are proven to decrease support costs, increase user satisfaction, and save on development and redesign efforts.Usability testing lets the design and development teams identify usability problems before they are coded. The earlier issues are identified and fixed, the less expensive the fixes will be in terms of both staff time and possible impact to the schedule.

What Goes into it

In Usability Study, we validate the product (full product, prototype, and concept) with real user feedback to uncover challenges to complete their goals. The Study can be in-person or remote.

Both quantitative and qualitative information can be provided, including

  • What are the issues in the product that challenges the user to use the product?
  • First time Experience of using the product – like installing, unpacking etc.
  • Learnable
  • Success Rate - If users are able to complete the tasks.
  • Time taken to complete the task.

The HUREO Approach

In Usability Testing, we take feedback from real users by observing them interacting with the product. These studies can be in-person or remotely (users can be located anywhere in the world).

What can be tested?

  • Type: Software, Mobile Apps, Gadgets, Tangible products.
  • State: Fully functional product, prototype, concepts.

Where can it be tested?

Testing can be conducted in-person or remotely without asking users or the expert to travel to each others’ locations.

Expert Evaluation

Expert evaluation is provided for the product using user centric metrics to list down the issues and recommendations. These evaluations uses the principles of user centric designs and provides a fair and an unbiased review.


Evaluation is a great method to uncover the issues of the existing product, and helps to understand what features should be tested with actual users. These evaluations uses the principles of user centred designs and provides a fair and an unbiased review.

What Goes into it

Expert evaluation is provided using user centric metrics to list down the issues and following recommendations, such as:

  • What features of your product are likely to cause usability problems and should be improved.
  • What features are likely to be successful and should be retained.
  • What features should be tested with actual users.

The HUREO Approach

In an expert review a product is evaluated by testing itagainst well-established usability guidelines or “heuristics,” identifying and prioritizing areas for improvement. A heuristic evaluation can include all of an application or site, or just part of it.

Field Research

Other than popular User Research services like Usability Studies there are other services also available to understand the behaviour of user to understand their needs, new opportunities, to formulate strategies and so on.


Other than validation of products, exploratory research can identify new opportunities and help set the direction for products. This approach allows formulation of strategies for untapped market, understand the local context or assess the size and value of a particular sector in the informal economy.

What Goes into it

It helps in understanding that we can select promising opportunity spaces to explore further or decide to develop a product or service that fills an identified gap in the market, such as:

  • Needs: user needs, perceptions, and preferences
  • Context: to map the landscape, understand the local context and conditions, and identify potentials for innovation.

The HUREO Approach

There are various methods to study users’ natural behaviour with a product by visiting them in their homes or workplaces, speaking with them and observe them in person or remotely using, Diary Study, Interviews, Focus Groups, Personas. Before working on the next release/version understanding the current usage, new emerging needs.

Trainings & Workshops

We provide trainings for teams to incorporate the application of  user centric design approach in designing and developing products.  For individuals, we conduct workshops so that they apply user centric design principles in their work.


We have seen that there is a need in companies to understandUser Centric Design practices from designers, developers to management. And learn how to apply these practices while doing their projects. Most of the team members are skilled with tools, however with limited knowledge about User Centred Design and User Experience (UX).

What Goes into it

In these workshops, we enable attendees to apply user centric principles in the work.  This helps designers take user feedback part of evolution of their designs, developers to communicate with design teams and Management to learn how to make products which will deliver good User Experience (UX).

The HUREO Approach

There are two models we use for trainings on various UX Research practices:

  1. On Request Trainings: We train teams of designers, developers and management to understand and use user centric design in their practices.
  2. Open to all Scheduled Trainings: We conduct training open to all, where anyone who wants to improve their skills can register and deepen their understanding about usercentric design practices.

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