Usability Studies

In usability studies, we validate the product through real user feedback to uncover the challenges faced by users while completing their goals and deliver a delightful user experience. A usability study can be conducted in person or remotely.

At the end of the study, we provide answers to both quantitative and qualitative questions including:

  • How was the first experience of using the product – installing, unpacking etc.
  • What were the roadblocks in adopting the product?
  • Validation – Did the product meet the users’ needs?
  • Learnability – Are users able to learn to use the product?
  • Success Rate – Are users able to complete the set tasks?
  • What was the time taken to complete the tasks?

What can be tested?

  • Type: Software, mobile apps, gadgets, tangible products.
  • State: Fully functional products, prototypes, concepts.

Why conduct a usability study?

Usability studies are proven to decrease support costs, increase user satisfaction, and save on development and redesign efforts. Usability testing enables the design and development teams to identify usability problems before they start developing the product. The earlier issues are identified and fixed, the less expensive are the solutions in terms of both staff time and possible impact on the schedule.

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