Driving Innovation Through Customer Collaborations

A great product is built on powerful user insights. And great insights are found when you walk in your customer’s shoes. Get a hands-on introduction to tested, user research methods, which fuel innovation and help you create highly usable, profitable products.

Who is this session for?

This workshop is ideal for anybody who is involved in the process of building a service or product, right from the CEO to the product manager and management executives. A great product or service effectively solves a problem or addresses a need gap. In this interactive session, we will explore a holistic, human centered design approach to discovering these need-gaps amongst users and gleaning key insights.
This interaction will best benefit:
  • CEOs & Executives
  • Product Managers
  • Entrepreneurs & Startups
  • Anybody Curious To Explore Design Thinking


Know Your Customer:
Get skilled at identifying your customer and discovering what they really want through an empathetic, holistic and scientific user research approach.

Human Centered Design Approach:
Learn to collaborate with your customer and innovate solutions that meet their needs or solve their problems effectively.

Learn With Experts:
Understand the basics of Design Thinking with industry experts who are trained in globally established Design Thinking Practices.

Practical Application:
Understand how to apply Design Thinking Strategies to your own product or service

What will you get at the end of this session?

  • Hands-on knowledge on understanding what users want and key methods to discover powerful user insights, which you can apply to your own product/service and your users
  • Exclusive take-away study material on User Research Methods
  • And great opportunities to network and share ideas over High Tea

About the speaker

Anjeli Singh, Founder, Hureo.

Anjeli is a passionate and experienced UX Research Innovator and has worked with companies in North America and India including Google, Kodak and Symantec.

About Hureo

Hureo is a niche UX research firm which helps businesses develop innovative and highly usable products and services through user-centric research.