From Insights To Information Architecture – Co-Creating A Storage And Back-Up Product

Exploratory Research B2B India

How can you leverage a brilliantly engineered product? For Spharvault, Hureo delivered added value by facilitating the creation of a seamless user-interface for its storage and back-up product.

Phase 1: Adding a human touch to a technical product

How do business owners and administrators of small and mid-sized companies interact with their storage products, and what frustrations do they face? Since Spharvault’s product targeted small and mid-sized companies, we identified users from this group and created detailed personas. We then went into the field to understand the business requirements of these users, through a holistic, human-centered design approach.

Phase 2: Driving innovation through collaborations

The research studies with the users revealed interesting insights, which served as a foundation for our next step – collaborating with designers to co-create info-graphics, the information architecture of the product and finally a conceptual model, all aligned with Spharvault’s business goals.

The completed information architecture was then handed over to the designers, who used it to envision an optimum user interface for the product.

Our client’s journey

“Hureo has provided us the best experience in Domain Enterprise Data management knowledge. Their approach towards a start-up like Spharvault was amazing, and they delivered results in a short period of time. The team at Hureo is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about Usability Research.’’