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Eleven Hash Technology

Determining The Product Roadmap Through Effective Need-Gap Studies

Exploratory Research B2B India

How can you solve a problem, if you are not sure whose problem you had to solve?

ElevenHash, a product- based Software and Technologies company, had a great product in hand, and a great brief for us – that of narrowing down on the most relevant user, whose needs could be effectively fulfilled by the capabilities of this product.

From all users to one user – Conducting exploratory interactions to narrow the field

To determine the most relevant user, we identified various users across categories and created personas for each. Contextual studies conducted on-field helped us study the users’ environment, their behavior, their pain points and what the daily business processes demanded of them.

Pointing the way ahead through user-need analysis

In-depth study analysis revealed a certain category of users to be most receptive to the product, since it was effectively answering their current business needs. This clear understanding of whose problem we were helping solve enabled the client to envision a more streamlined, stronger product, while spending optimum time and effort. The product is currently in its development phase.

Our client’s journey

“The report was impressive and had an immediate impact on the team members. Some of the team members work from remote locations and it helped everyone get clarity about the customers’ needs. The entire team now feels in-sync and confident about building a product of impact for the customers.”