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Aaha Zindagi

Envisioning New Possibilities In Healthcare For Parents

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What could motivate a 60 year old grandmother to buy a smart phone?
Why wouldn’t Generation X living abroad wish to have daily updates about their parents’ health status?

In the exploratory research conducted for Ahaa Zindagi, we unearthed important insights that answered such questions and more.

Connecting the dots between Parents, Generation X, Healthcare and Technology

Every year, thousands of youngsters leave India to pursue better career opportunities abroad. Most of them have to leave behind aging parents, who share an uneasy relationship with technology, but wish to remain connected with Generation X. Many of these parents suffer from minor health complaints, but mostly, they are mobile and active, and do not require constant medical assistance or supervision.

Our client wished to explore the various dynamic forces that exist between parents, Generation X, healthcare and technology, in order to create a healthcare solution which could be seamlessly integrated into the lifestyles of both groups.

Insightful revelations through in-home studies.

Hureo worked with the client right from the inception stage. To walk in the shoes of the users, we identified the personas to be interviewed and conducted contextual studies. The study was categorized into two parts - the first part dealt with understanding parents, and the second part focused on understanding Generation X.

Life beyond 55 – understanding the parents’ perspective

Over the next few weeks, we conducted hour-long interactions with parents, in the comfort of their homes. To understand their relation with health, technology and Generation X, their day-to-day behaviour was closely observed.

For example, how do parents take their medications? Do the spouses help each other?

Are they responsible about their health? What kind of technological devices do they use? And what kind of information do they share with their Generation X offsprings?

Our interactions helped us dive deeper into the lives of these parents, right from their everyday struggles, to the bigger aspects dealing with their mental and physical health, as well as their relationships with people.

Integrating the voice of Gen X

To understand the relation Generation X shares with their parents, remote research studies were conducted with them through Skype. These exhaustive interviews helped us understand the pain points, challenges and need gaps Generation X face in the interactions with their parents.

From potential solutions to clear insights           

This holistic, empathy-based study revealed many interesting insights and provided more clarity and depth to the potential product the client was developing. The project is currently in its development phase.