Field Research


Field Research

Other than popular User Research services like Usability Studies there are other services also available to understand the behaviour of user to understand their needs, new opportunities, to formulate strategies and so on.


Other than validation of products, exploratory research can identify new opportunities and help set the direction for products. This approach allows formulation of strategies for untapped market, understand the local context or assess the size and value of a particular sector in the informal economy.

What Goes into it

It helps in understanding that we can select promising opportunity spaces to explore further or decide to develop a product or service that fills an identified gap in the market, such as:

  • Needs: user needs, perceptions, and preferences
  • Context: to map the landscape, understand the local context and conditions, and identify potentials for innovation.

The HUREO Approach

There are various methods to study users’ natural behaviour with a product by visiting them in their homes or workplaces, speaking with them and observe them in person or remotely using, Diary Study, Interviews, Focus Groups, Personas. Before working on the next release/version understanding the current usage, new emerging needs.