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From Frustrating To Engaging – Redefining a Bank’s Online User Experience

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September 28, 2018

In-depth usability study to understand the challenges users face while using online banking services

Client Consultancy


How can we improve the user experience of a leading Indian bank’s online services?


  • Identified the barriers to user adoption of online banking services
  • Improved the user experience for existing customers
  • Provided strategic inputs for new features for the upcoming app editions

Hureo was approached by a strategy company to improve an Indian bank’s online service experience. Since there is a growth spurt in online banking, the bank was keen to understand the challenges users faced while using the bank’s website and mobile application for their end-to-end banking needs.

A shift towards online banking poses many challenges with regard to trust and security, as users familiarize themselves with conducting monetary transactions on the mobile app. Apart from the trust barrier, the user interface of the app was proving to be a minefield, with users struggling to navigate through tasks like providing OTP codes, registering their mobile number, sharing their account with multiple family members, etc.

The strategy company that approached us was focusing on improving the customer experience at the physical locations of the bank. However, that was just one side of the coin. To transform the customer experience as a whole, it was essential to improve the online user experience of the bank’s products too. Hureo was called upon to bridge this gap.

Our Approach

Hureo conducted in-depth usability interviews with bank customers. These interviews took place at the users’ homes, at the bank branches, and at the users’ place of work too, keeping in mind the context of use.

To replicate the diverse banking population, we laid emphasis on studying users across varied demographics. Both new and existing customers were studied, in order to understand the on boarding experience, the day-to-day challenges faced and the problems posed by language barriers. The user profile in relation to technology was diverse too – we included a mix of users, from new adopters, to digital experts.

We also explored the usage of the mobile app as opposed to the desktop website and noted the inconsistencies between the two experiences.

By analyzing the data collected from these exhaustive usability studies, we were able to generate crucial insights and observations which formed the basis of the detailed report presented to the bank. The report outlined the challenges faced by the users while using the bank’s mobile application and desktop website.

The Outcome

Through the usability studies, Hureo identified the usage pattern of the bank’s online products and services and the challenges faced by their customers while using these products and services on the app and on the website. We unearthed several interesting insights, such as the fact that the users’ online banking activities were not simply restricted to transferring money or paying bills.

Our report helped the client prioritize the list of challenges based on severity, enabling them to streamline their product strategy and align it with their business goals. We also offered the recommendations that would help overcome these challenges. The suggestions and insights on user behaviour provided a solid foundation upon which the next version of the app could be built. Our report also offered the strategy teams more clarity on the importance of specific features, on unmet user needs, and how they could be fulfilled by the product.

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