Usability of Banking in India



At Hureo, we have been working on usability projects in banking sector and the more we work, the more it amuses us how little banks are investing in the usability of their online banking – be it mobile or a website.

Of many such experiences, a recent one is about something as a simple as providing and entering the correct IFSC code.



Today, we received two invoices from vendors, both using ICICI bank and to our surprise both have provided an incorrect, and non-usable IFSC code. The correct code is “ICIC XXXXXXX”

  • one had provided “ICIXXXXX” missing the ‘C’, while the other added an extra “I”  – “ICICI XXXX”


Each such failed task forces the customer to visit a bank or make a support call, and it results in high expenditures for the bank in resolving such queries. Or maybe the worst is that the banks lose the trust of their customers.


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