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Seven Inspirational Videos for User Research

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I keep looking for inspirations to learn and grow as a researcher, so I compiled a list of videos for other researchers like me to learn and get inspired. In this article – in no particular order we’ll take a look at seven videos on user experience research by different experts. So grab your popcorn and a drink while you enjoy watching these videos.

1. Three ways that good design makes you happy – Don Norman

In this video Don Norman talks about the importance of good design. He explains how design can make people happy in three ways and also talks about the psychology behind it.The great thing about this video is that Don Norman connects with the viewers by giving relatable examples in a humorous manner.

“I really have the feeling that pleasant things works better, and that never made any sense to me until I finally figured out.”– Don Norman

2. The 7 deadly sins of user research – David Travis

In this video David Travis talks about how the problem doesn’t lie with the “quantity of user research but with the quality of user research”. He lists 7 examples of bad user research that he’s come across in his work. Some of the sins include bias, credulity, and laziness.

“The first rule of finding out what people want: Don’t ask what people want” – David Travis

3. How to do a user interview – Google Ventures

This video from Google Ventures tells us how to conduct user interviews. The video is an interview session with the user and focuses on how to ask questions in a natural way.

“You want to make sure that the user is not feeling tested in any way” – Google Ventures

4. User testing: Why and how? – Jakob Nielsen

In this video Jakob Nielsen tells us about the importance of user testing. He tells us how it is extremely important to get a hold of real users and see what they do so that you get a true assessment of your product.

“I recommend that all design projects do user testing, because you are not the user.” – Jakob Nielsen

5. Simplicity sells – David Pogue

In this video, David Pogue tells us about the worst UI’s he’s seen .He sings three funny songs providing an overview of what he was talking about. The Steve Jobs song is the best of all!
He makes some really good comparisons between a MAC and a PC. He also adds some funny quotes from users that have called in at the Apple stores.

“Would you pay 10 dollars a month to have a watch that has to be recharged every night like your cell phone and stops working when you leave your area code?” – David Pogue

6. The state of user experience – Jesse James Garrett

This video, Jesse James Garrett speaks about what UX looked like before and how it is today. He cites engagement as he main goal of UX design which he showcases through some very interesting examples. The most fun part of the video is where Jesse James compares Beethoven to an experience designer.

“User experience is not just design, it’s the key to innovation and growth” – Jesse James Garrett

7. The complex relationship between data and design in UX – Rochelle King

In this talk, Rochelle King talks about the user research and prototype testing process that took place during the release of a new interface.The talk focuses on the questions that should be asked to get valuable insights. She breaks down the steps for creating a good user experience.

“ Designers need to ask questions that extract the most useful data” – Rochelle King

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Arunima Ved
Arunima Ved
Arunima brings the energy and freshness to the team, be it managing participants, or logistics. She worked as a Research Assistant in the Cognitive Science Lab at IIIT Hyderabad. And she was involved in multiple projects such as acquisition of factual knowledge through serious games, Medical Image Perception and Optical Illusion in Necker Cube using Eye Tracker.